How to Choose a Good Domain, How to Get a Free Domain

Today our topic is how can we register a free domain or how can we get a free domain.

As you may know, there are different types of domain names, the most important of which are top-level domains TLD – Top Level Domains such as .com, .net, .biz, .org, and .info. Talk about how it can be obtained for free.

How Can We Register A Free Domain

The majority of us want to have our own blog, a website, but what should the name of this blog be, and what qualities should it have, and what points should be taken into consideration when buying a domain name or taking a domain name? Must decide by placing. First, we talk about these points.

First, we will see how many words are in the domain name you are buying. The fewer the words, the better. It does not use “high art” nor does it use “numbers” such as 123 etc. You should choose a domain name that can be easily typed and remembered.

How Can We Get A Free Domain?

As you know, the most popular extension is “Com”. Because the majority of ordinary people are accustomed to it, and that is what they remember. But if not found in “Com”, then it can be taken in “.net”, “.org” or the country in which you live, also has TLD, they can also be selected, But if there is no compulsion, try to get the domain in the extension “Com”.

Don’t try to take a domain name from a famous company

Going forward you may face difficulties and your domain may be endangered, any action may be taken by the company whose name you may have taken and you may have to wash your hands of the domain.

Getting Keywords Into The Domain Name

The purpose for which you are taking the domain should be clearly visible in that domain. If your domain has a “keyword” that represents your business or your work, it is much better, and some search engines will give it a good place in your search. Getting keywords into the domain name can only be useful because it clarifies the purpose of your domain up, and can be beneficial to the average person because your domain name will remember it. But if seen from the point of view of Google. So now Google does not give “keyword-based domains” the advantage in search rankings that it used to give in the past. He now looks at the quality of the content and decides by putting other factors first.

Brand Your Domain

Now people are also keen to “brand” their domain. If we look at the world of the internet, the big websites, which have now become brands. Hardly any keywords in their domain names are related to their work, such as Google, or Ho, Bing, etc. You can see. These are not the keywords in the domain names they are working on. You can search your domain here to find out what kind of domain you want.

A Free Domain Name with A Web Hosting Package.

There is a trend going on these days, you will buy web hosting from any web hosting provider. With each of their plans, the top-level domain will be free for half a year. Then you have to pay a domain renewal fee every year, some domain registrars offer domain name registration at a very low price, and many people fall for them, and buy the domain. They do not read their terms and conditions. If you read their terms and conditions, you will know that their terms include, that you will renew this domain from them for the next two years or more, and next year you will Fee have to be paid, they are double or many times higher than the first year, and some domain registrars have a five-year condition that they will renew the domain for five years.

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