This article covers the to-dos of hot to plan strategically to achieve the required objectives more effectively and accurately. The whole process not only involves the right allocation of assets but it takes a lot more than that. The whole plan must also have support of amazing and unique ideas that can be implemented in a supportive organizational structure. Some organizations have such a layout that leaves no room for creativity and experimentations.

So, to have a flexible structure of the organization is the key to the prime step towards making hallmark. What else an organization should have in order to flourish among the competitors in the market? It should have an extra-ordinary information system that is built on the latest technology with the most modern innovations. An easy-to-go budget for marketing allows the planner to have the freedom of choosing the marketing channels. And cherry-on-top is the reward system. No employees get more motivated and passionate about work if they get rewarded properly. Devising such a mechanism of reward is so essential for growth.

Most of the people will talk about the dos of the planning but not the don’ts. Let’s have a brief outlook on what not to do while planning.


While there are metrics available for success measurement, there are also some major don’ts that you should take care of in order to survive in the market.

  1. Derisory preparations to carry out an effective plan for the managers of the organization. Managers are the ones who carry out the implementation of the strategic plan. If they are not well informed, the chances of botch might rise.
  2. The written plan of action doesn’t go well with the plan of action. The lack of information might be the reason for the plan to flop.
  3. If the goals that an organization wants to achieve are full of ambiguities. If there are veiled elements that aren’t disclosed or discussed well, they can cause a system crash later on.
  4. There are many businesses that are subdivided in various categories. If those sub-divisions are not well-separated and role defined, it can cause greater problems afterward.
  5. There are certain cases in which the strategic plans did not cover all the areas in an organization. Some units of an organization may get ignored in a strategic plan which can be a drawback.
  6. There should be a strict bond between a plan and its implementation control has. If that control is derisory, it may cause a fiasco.


The responsibility to implement a strategic plan falls on the shoulders of line managers. Line managers are responsible for the smooth running of a branch. They are the top-runners of that branch. They need to have clear goals and a professional attitude to get work done from the employees. Line managers should be highly trained to perform their duty in the most operative manner.

The whole development and implementation process involve a specific series of actions. The action part should go in congruence with written ones. Online marketers and planners need to coordinate virtually to get the most out of planning. Research and Development are the core essence of any business that works online or offline. The strategic plan can be implemented in every business dimension such as production, marketing, finances, and so on.

If the online business is vast spread, it should be sub-divided into some units to categorize the process. The sub-units make every step easier to handle and process. The progress can also be measured effectively. All the units are then governed relatively. Deadlines should be generated by the federal governing system to each unit and every unit has to show its progress.

Without a good plan, implementation control is impossible. The written plan provides the base for control in the working units. It is quite rare that a properly written strategically made plan doesn’t perform well. Again, this might happen due to some loop-holes.

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