Price extensions in Google Ads

Google Ads account gives a feature of price extension to add to your text ads that let users know about the price of the items that you are selling without visiting the selling page on the website. Price Extensions are meant to add more value to your ads that are displayed. They provide a finer vitrine for your brand products or services that you are offering.

Price Extensions let users know about the details of the product in which they are interested and can make the buying decision right then and there.

How Price Extensions Ads are displayed?

Price Extensions appear right under the text you have written for the description of your item in the add. Price Extensions are displayed on the user’s screens in the shape of cards. Each card has an item along with price and description. There is a workable link that is attached to every price extension that takes you to the website. On that website, a selling web-page appears through which users can buy that product or explore other items available on the website.

Are Price Extensions displayed on mobile phones?

Yes, Price Extensions are visible on mobile devices too as well as on desktop and laptop screens. Make sure that you have optimized the extensions for all devices especially for mobile phones. Price extensions are linked to your website. So, double-check that your website is mobile optimized too or not.


–          You might have noticed “Ali Express” ads on your mobile devices on various social media platforms on which the number of items in the shape of cards slides across your screen. To be honest, seeing the innovative items there had to lead me countless times to Ali Express. You might have experienced it.

–          If you have a hair salon and want to advertise about it through target marketing, then you can add both generic and targeted keywords. Generic keywords may include “haircut” or “hair spa”. For targeted ads, you can use the keyword “hair color” and then do target marketing in form of price extensions as, “half-length color”, “cut-down color”, “balayage” or more entities according to your services.

What is the function of price extension?

What does a price extension really do and how is it important to add in ads? Some of the reasons are given below for you to consider price extensions.

  • Price extensions help to display what you are offering. They showcase your products or services in an attractive manner in an interactive way so that users can easily scroll through options.
  • Price Extensions also increase the conversion rate. More users that click through the price extension cards will get directly to your website. This will result in an increased number of traffic and conversion rates.

Is Price Extension easy to use?

Price extensions are fairly easy to use and are more impactful because:

  • You can anytime update the price extensions. Go to the editing page, change the description and name. You can update them very easily if there is any sale or you need to update pricing or do any editing.
  • If you make changes to the price extension, one good thing that happens at the developer end is that it won’t reset the performance stats of that particular price extension card.
  • Price extensions are designed in such a way that they are flexible, moldable, and customizable. You can add the price extension of your choice to any platform; say it is an ad group or any campaign.

Billing of the Price Extensions

There is no excessive cost of price extension. The cost of a price extension is equal to the normal ad that you run. The more clicks you get on add, the more you have to pay. The same is the case here. If there’s a link along with the price extension, the amount of the clicks you get on that link is the amount you have to pay.

If the user has to “click more” option to view the full ad description in a drop-down manner, you won’t be charged for that.

If the user clicks the ads twice quickly, you won’t be charged for the second click because it is considered as malfunction or mistake from the user’s end. You have to pay only for the first click.

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