Should the Client or the Server take More Security Precautions?

As the name implies, it is hosting or a server that stores data or content from different people’s accounts or websites on the same server. That’s why it’s the cheapest. It does not guarantee your time, sometimes the site goes down for a while and sometimes the site slows down. Your hosting may be affected by other people’s websites. Because all accounts and websites are loaded with the same hosting, and you may face security issues due to the same server and one may have to sort files for some applications. But if your traffic is low. This web hosting will be better for you if you send about 3-4 thousand. The majority of bloggers use this hosting early in their blogging careers. The advantage of this is that it is cheap, you can easily understand it. Server maintenance is not your responsibility, and you can increase its storage.

VP Hosting / Cloud Hosting

Then it is the turn of VP Hosting / Cloud Hosting (Virtual Private Server). As you know, the data of your websites is stored in servers, and whatever website you open or whatever you search for in search engines. All of this will be stored somewhere on a server in a data center, and these servers can be in different parts of the world, and you can call these servers computing machines.

VP is a server machine in this hosting, which we divide into many virtual servers, which has a drive in your computer, we divide it into different partitions and name them C drive, d, E, etc.

Difference between Shared Hosting and Web Hosting

The difference between shared hosting and this is that web hosting providers in shared hosting use one server for many websites. While in a virtual private server you get a full virtual private server, and if we compare it to shared hosting, the virtual private server is much better than shared hosting in performance, but the price would be much higher.

Because you are being given a complete personal server for your website or your websites, and you do not have to share it with anyone else’s website. So you can maintain custom websites in it. The maintenance of its hardware is the responsibility of the web hosting provider, but the software is your responsibility and you have the freedom to decide which software you want to use, such as Windows, Linux, and how to enable the environment. Has to make your website live.


Let’s take this as an example. Many people in shared hosting lived in the same flat. But the difference is that in a plaza a few people live in their own flat and everyone has the right to use all the facilities in their flat and they do not interfere in each other’s affairs, and their flat Are responsible for the maintenance of the flat, i.e. they own the flat at will.

Custom Operating System

VP hosting also provides accounts on a server like shared hosting, but here only a few people are given space in a server, and in their own space, they can install any custom operating system they want. Professional bloggers with millions of traffic, and the majority of companies choose the same hosting, and it is quite secure. This is a more expensive service than shared hosting and but it has the advantages that shared hosting does not have. You can run many applications in it, which is not possible in shared hosting. If your traffic exceeds 10,000 daily, you should switch from shared hosting to VP hosting/cloud hosting. So that your website does not face difficulties, and the ranking of your website is not affected in search engines.

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