What Are the Primary Word

Primary Keyword

Primary keywords are the keywords that you have targeted, that will rank them, then traffic will come, often you are told, that in a different location with the primary word in the website if you secondary write the keyword, then one day the primary word will be ranked. The competition starts inside your pages. You run out of “main word” power, and you have a hard time ranking keywords and you have to say, you can never rank those keywords. The main reason for this is that when you write articles on the same topic over and over again on the same website, Google does not pay attention to your articles. Because you would have used these keywords in different articles, and Google does not value new articles.

What Happens When You Have A Different Place On Your Pages?

The correct way is to pick up short words and write the same long and wide article on it. Create the same article on the same keyword, not write the same article over and over again and use the same word over and over again. Some websites have 50-50 articles on the same keyword but rarely do they rank the keyword because the method is wrong and it becomes the same article. You can write articles on related words, but don’t use it over and over again.

Put your word on Reddit

Extract and use your Long Tail Word and use Light Natch. If you are new, choose one that specializes in it. You can also choose other niches, but you will have to do a lot of searching and research and what happened, you will have less knowledge about your niche or topic, so after writing a few articles you will think. What should I write now because there will be no information and then the search and retrieval process will start? So choose a topic that you know well and have the ability to write many articles on.

All you have to do is go to Reddit Com or Quora Com sites and write keywords, from there you will find good keywords as well as new ideas that you can use. Reddit Put your word on Reddit, then you will see a lot of discussions on this site. You will get ideas by watching it, and you will be able to write more. Go to soolve.com, it would tell you the different words of each search engine. This is also a good tool. It would also tell you about the Amazon site, which is a shopping website.

AdSense and Affiliate Marketing

Buyer Intent would be the most important of its keywords. You can also understand Buyer Intent in such a way that if you write a keyword in Google that would show Google AdSense more, then understand its Buyer Intent. Is more. Read my old posts to understand more and its keyword work. Also for AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. Because AdSense also “clicks” will give you more money on their keywords, obviously this is a market, and those keywords will work in it, which will be the buyer’s intent.

Increase Traffic by AdSense

You don’t want too much traffic. There is less traffic, but quality traffic is more beneficial. Otherwise, thousands of users will come, and there is nothing to be done because neither the users of the word work nor the traffic quality is low. But buyers, if you have an affiliate program on your website and your traffic is only a thousand. But buy ten of them too, so your very own will become a commission of hundreds of dollars. AdSense is nothing compared to affiliate marketing. Where AdSense has one month’s traffic and where Affiliate’s few days’ traffic and earning is many times more than AdSense.

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