What is ownCloud 9?

With ownCloud 9, a new version of the private cloud solution is available. Above all, this offers better support for teamwork and collaboration. An update is worth it.

With ownCloud, a private cloud environment can be built on the basis of OpenSource, with which connected users can easily save documents, photos, videos, but also appointments and contacts and share them with one another. There are many salternatives in this area, but ownCloud is one of the most popular and comprehensive cloud solutions on the market.

With the recently released new version ownCloud 9, the developers have implemented numerous innovations. Above all, they should improve the cooperation between users and also between different ownCloud servers. Users in smaller environments benefit less from the innovations, but from the higher security and stability of the environment. Therefore, an update to the new version is recommended in any case.

ownCloud 9 – The private collaboration cloud

The advantage of the software is that it can be installed on conventional servers, but also on NAS systems such as Synology. The new version primarily offers innovations under the hood. The surface is almost unchanged. For users, little changes to the operation, with the exception of the new functions. The apps on smartphones and tablets still work quite similarly, but support the new functions such as notifications. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to also update these apps as soon as a new version is available.

Installation on hosted servers at providers is also possible without any problems. Access is either via a web interface or via apps, which are available free of charge for smartphones and tablets in the respective stores. According to the developers, the new version 9 is the greatest further development of the product. The new variant should be much more scalable and easier to expand. If you want to take a first look at the possibilities of ownCloud.

Functions of ownCloud 9

ownCloud 9 offers more functions and is more scalable.Setting up your ownCloud has always been more complicated than using the product. The developers of ownCloud want to improve the tiresome subject of updates in the new version. These should be easier and more error-free to integrate. They have also improved the web update. Direct update from ownCloud 8 to 9 is not possible with it. Administrators have to do this manually.

Basically, the new version should be much more powerful in large environments. These are also clearly in the focus of the new version. In addition, ownCloud server structures can be better connected to one another, also via the Internet. The users of the individual servers can interact with each other and also exchange documents. This has already worked partially in previous versions but is much faster and more stable in ownCloud. If users share a document, OwnCloud can also update the names of users on other servers using auto-complete. That makes group work easier. Companies that use this function will definitely benefit from the new version.

The new functions are particularly interesting for large companies or for company mergers. Companies that often work with groups that in turn exchange data with other groups achieve a flexible infrastructure. Here the developers have placed a great emphasis on ensuring that the functions work better and more efficiently than in the previous versions.

New storage APIs for large environments

The connection between fast and efficient storage plays an important role, especially in larger environments. ownCloud 9 has new APIs that can connect and manage huge data stores in the petabyte range. The APIs were developed in cooperation with CERN and AARNet. So far, ownCloud has used its own database to store metadata. In the past, there were always performance problems, especially in large installations. ownCloud 9 can now also use external storage for this data. This is particularly beneficial for very large installations with thousands of users and enormous amounts of data that go far beyond the terabyte range.


Teamwork through better sharing of documents and comments

Teamwork has always been one of ownCloud’s strengths. Users can now save comments for all saved files and exchange information in this way. Each comment is automatically saved under the logged-in user so that the information can also be assigned very quickly. In general, sharing is now much easier and you can quickly see in the web interface which users are the owners of the document and which have the right to access or change it.

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