White Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie has always been a favorite. It can be enjoyed as a snack, a dessert, or as something to nibble-on while watching TV or while feeding your brain with sugar for that AHA moment. There have been countless chocolate chip cookie recipes that I tried and most of them satisfied my expectation. However, I always go back to my childhood wherein white chocolate has been my favorite for a while. This led me to bake this delicious white chocolate chip cookie .

Making chocolate chip cookie is very easy. You cannot go wrong as long as you have the proper ingredients with the correct measurement. Once you are done making your Chocolate Chip Cookie masterpiece, it is up to you if you want it to sit in the cookie jar for several days or finish your Chocolate Chip Cookie on the spot. Anyway, you can always make a new batch of White Chocolate Chip Cookie or any other cookies for the cookie jar.

To make it quite different, I try to eat white chocolate chip cookie with cold chocolate milk. This combination is really good. I felt like being pampered and sometimes it can be a stress reliever too.

Give this White Chocolate Chip Cookie a try.

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